This page shows samples of my writing. Pieces that have been published are noted below.

“Art in Practice” published in the Fall 2016 Humanities magazine, an academic publication

  • Purpose: To inform readers how faculty in the Humanities college incorporate art—inside or outside of the classroom
  • Audience: Written for faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the Humanities college at Brigham Young University (Humanities magazine is printed and mailed twice a year)

“10 Characteristics of an Educated Person” published on Mormon Insights, an online, religious publication

  •  Purpose: To inform readers about the 10 characteristics of an educated person
  • Audience: Written for high schoolers who are close to graduation or who are considering higher education

“Write Academic Papers Better than Super Evil Villains: 10 Tips of What Not to Do When Writing”

  • Purpose: To teach undergraduate students how to write better academic papers
  • Audience: Written for undergraduate students

“How to Recognize and Resolve Writing Burnout”

  • Purpose: To teach freelance writers how to avoid writing burnout
  • Audience: Written for freelance writers needing ideas of how to stay inspired

“Evaluating James’s Use of Charm in Daisy Miller

  • Purpose: To analyze Henry James’s use charm in of Daisy Miller
  • Audience: Written for students with academic interests and professors